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With the world’s energy consumption rising every day, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to find ways to effectively carry out energy conservation without impacting operations. One way that companies can do this is by switching to energy-efficient data storage solutions. We will discuss how data storage providers like Kronicles Asia can help conserve energy.

The Role of Data Storage Systems in Energy Conservation

Using data storage systems is one way to help reduce the use of energy. Data storage systems allow businesses to store large amounts of corporate data securely, quickly, and in an environmentally-friendly way. With appropriate system design and management practices, such as leveraging energy-saving mode settings and capitalising on server virtualisation tools, businesses can reduce their overall power consumption substantially.

Furthermore, hardware vendors are offering a variety of technology options that support more advanced strategies for minimising business energy consumption. By investing in these technologies, a business can significantly reduce its electricity bills while also making an effort to engage in green business practices.

Sustainable-Friendly Data Storage System Solutions by Kronicles

Kronicles offers data storage solutions that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Our solutions include a range of features that can help conserve energy, such as idle mode configurations that enable the system to spin down and reduce CPU utilisation when not in use as well as incorporating servers with low power usage modes. These features allow companies to significantly reduce their energy costs while still providing reliable data storage solutions.

Other features that help businesses save on energy costs such as intelligent thermal management systems and advanced cooling technology are also available. The intelligent thermal management system ensures that only necessary components are running at any given time, while the advanced cooling technology eliminates unnecessary heat production during peak workloads. These features enable businesses to have access to high-quality data storage solutions without having to worry about running up large electricity bills.

Kronicles’ variety of unique service offerings are designed specifically to meet to differing business demands and needs. These include cloud computing and virtualisation solutions, which empowers companies to move some or all of their operations onto a virtual platform hosted by Kronicles. This allows them to offload tasks onto the cloud server, thus reducing the amount of power consumed by their physical IT infrastructure and in return, reducing the cost of operations for businesses in the long run.

Additionally, Kronicles’ cloud computing and virtualisation solutions come with automatic updates so that businesses don’t need to perform time consuming operational maintenance or update of processes constantly and manually – saving them even more time and money in the process.

Power Management with kStore

Kronicles’ kStore data storage system includes an adaptive power conservation feature to aid the goal of green corporate solutions. It is designed to adaptively spin down disks and reduce CPU utilisation. Administrators have the full control over the configuration parameters for the system to go into idle mode and can specify periods of inactivity before disks and processors are spun down. There’s also a configurable time interval to wake up the node to check and automatically repair any data integrity issues via the built-in health processing feature.

With Kronicles kStore, businesses can:

  • Lower their energy and cooling costs
  • Extend the life of all hardware by reducing constant use
  • Provide more efficient operation of older hardware
  • Provide similar operational costs of tape while maintaining sub-second access to data when needed
  • Set specific nodes as deep archive nodes that awaken only when needed, fill disk by disk, and go back to sleep until access is required

Achieve Energy Conservation with Kronicles

Kronicles is an enterprise data storage solutions company in Singapore. Our solutions focus on reduction of power and energy consumption while still providing reliable and sustainable corporate data storage solutions. Conserve energy without manual intervention while attaining efficiency and cost savings. Speak to us to learn more about our data storage systems.