Deployment options

On Premise

Enjoy the benefits of on-premise data centre performance, data privacy and security with cloud flexibility and scalability. We deliver, install, and configure the solutions at your premise with no hassle over the need of your application and service migration.

Private / Public Cloud

Connect seamlessly. The Cloud’s transformative capacity is limitless, enabling dynamic data and features to be readily available for higher efficiency and optimised cost model. This platform enables optimisation of data placement, ease of deployment and management as your business needs varies.

Hybrid Cloud

Bringing together the positive elements of private and public cloud network. Whether your data is on premise to cloud, cloud-to-cloud or vice versa, Kronicles’ hybrid cloud environment enables you to move your data according to your business needs. This robust infrastructure is designed and built for fast, scalable, and resilient requirements, giving you the performance, security and features your data and applications require

Single / Multi-Tenant

With Kronicles’ STaaS, your storage network is centrally monitored and managed. Our solutions are built with security in mind. Share a single storage environment, securely among multiple users with multi-tenancy ability. Optimize and locate storage where you best need it, elastically scale them, manage your storage policies according to your company needs. Regardless of number of tenants, each tenant can operate and manage their storage resources and policies simultaneously without interference

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