Kronicles kCompute is a full enterprise-grade solution that integrates your computing resources and storage demands in a single, centrally managed platform, providing you with the flexibility and scalability necessitated by your business applications, regulations, and needs.

The complete solution utilizes hyper-converged infrastructure integrating with private, public, or on-premises cloud or on-premises, allowing the greatest speed, performance, and data access for your applications. Kronicles’ service is built on a pay-per-use consumption model, with a fully managed and monitored web-based module.


Automatic scaling of computing resources to ensure high availability, performance, and optimal resource utilisation to meet evolving business requirements.

Centralised management enables policies to be set across locations while ensuring that resources are used to their full potential. Every piece of software/patch that has to be installed may be controlled from a single location.

Enterprise-grade Intelligent Load Balancers which can route traffic according to application or network requirements and allows the distribution of compute and/or networking capacity wherever it is needed

Easy flexible and scalable provisioning where all your systems can be patched or installed, and applications updated. It can also track of the exact number of licenses that you require to be compliant according to your company policies.

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