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Kronicles kCloud, powered by Seagate Lyve Cloud, is designed to provide a simple, trusted, and efficient storage platform for organisations with mass data management requirement. Based on object storage solution and predictable capacity-based pricing, you can be assured that your data can be managed with ease of use at scale. There are no hidden fees for egress nor API calls which will drastically reduce your total cost of ownership with no shocking cloud costs incurred.


World Class Security

kCloud adheres to the most stringent, globally recognized data security standards. Safeguard your data with:

Ease of Management

Easily manage your data with Kronicles Cloud’s intuitive dashboard. With the dashboard, YOU GET:

Predictable Cloud Economics

Simple, pay only for the storage capacity you use. Move data into, around or out of Kronicles Cloud without paying hefty fees for egress or API calls.

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