Kronicles kBackup focuses on protecting corporate data, simplifying the data protection and recovery process, and meeting the data recovery and storage needs of businesses in Singapore. This is achieved by providing enterprise-grade data backup and disaster recovery solutions for every type of workload and storage tier in a consolidated, unified, managed, and remotely monitored service offering.

High scalability enables you to scale your backup requirements in accordance with your company’s needs without jeopardising upgrades or migration attempts.



Maintain control over the privacy and security of your corporate data. The backup ensures that restoration can be accomplished rapidly based on your company’s security policies.


Restoration can be executed at the data centre on a computer. Alternatively, backups can be replicated to your location in Singapore or other places. When data needs to be retrieved, it is performed through a secure connection with no egress/bandwidth costs.


Choose if you need tape copies daily, weekly, monthly, or on other routine bases. Provides an air-gapped duplicate of your corporate data, allowing you to comply with your backup plans, corporate rules, and compliance needs.


Focus on your core business and leave your data protection, storage and backup complexities with us. Kronicles provides a suite of solutions to manage backup scheduling, restorations and remote monitoring work for companies in Singapore and worldwide.


Scales easily and fast by utilising on-demand hardware to accommodate variations in data profile caused by more or less effective deduplication.



the whole corporate data backup process to safeguard all data anywhere, at any time, and across any device. The automated solution backs up new and updated files in real-time, allowing data recovery at any time and date.


and dependable service that offers you the peace of mind that your corporate data is secure with recoverable backup files in the event of data loss.


and simplifies the recovery of lost files, programs, and data or restoration to a prior version of the file with little or no manual intervention from your IT department.


to scale your corporate data backup requirements based on your dynamic and changing business requirements.


Minimise the impact of ransomware incidents on enterprise continuity. Ensure your corporate data is recoverable with Kronicles kBackup’s comprehensive range of backup solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions About Enterprise Data Backup Solutions In Singapore

A corporate data backup is a system of software and hardware that duplicates data.

Enterprise backup solutions enable companies in Singapore to make regular, automated data backups on various media, ensuring business continuity during data breaches.

There are four ways for businesses to backup corporate data:

  • Removable Media
  • External Hard Drives
  • Cloud Backup: Cloud services such as Kronicles kCloud provide a data backup and storage system with encryption services for data protection. This makes it one of the most preferred solutions in Singapore.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS): BaaS is similar to cloud storage with an added advantage of convenience as backup operations are managed by experienced vendors in Singapore, such as Kronicles.

When searching for the best business data backup solutions, companies in Singapore can consider these factors:

  • Scalability: As a business grows, its data storage capacity needs to evolve quickly to ensure that companies remain agile. Thus, good backup solutions should be easily scalable.
  • Automated Backup: Automated data backup helps IT staff manage large volumes of data, increasing work efficiency. 

Malware Protection: With the rise in malicious cyber activities in Singapore, security is a key feature when choosing a backup solution to provide adequate protection against malware.

Flexible and easily scalable enterprise data backup solutions from professionals such as Kronicles are commonly adopted by large businesses in Singapore.

The three types of data backups are:

  • Full Backup: All corporate data is duplicated, and more time and space are required.
  • Incremental Backup: In incremental backups, only the data that has been updated since the last backup is duplicated, speeding up the process and taking up less space.
  • Differential Backup: Differential backup copies all data altered since the last backup and continues to duplicate all data changed since the last full backup in each subsequent run.
Corporate data backup is recommended as company operations become increasingly dependent on data. Without backups, firms are subjecting themselves to high risks of losing business continuity during data breaches.
It is advised to perform incremental backups at least once daily and a full backup once weekly.
When backing up corporate data, the 3-2-1 backup strategy is commonly adopted. Through this strategy, three data copies are made on at least two different storage media, with one copy stored off-site. This reduces medium-related risks and risks arising from a single point of failure, ensuring reliable data backups.
Enterprise cloud-based backups provide a data protection and recovery solution by storing data on remote, secure servers. They afford the convenience of accessibility from anywhere within and beyond Singapore.


We offer comprehensive business data backup solutions for corporate clients of all sizes in Singapore and worldwide. In addition to data protection and backup, we are also equipped to provide kStore enterprise-class storage solutions and kCompute, which integrates computer resources and storage needs on a single platform. Get in touch to learn how our backup solutions can fit into your data storage and protection plans.