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STaaS is a service where a third party provider supplies businesses with storage space based on a pay-per-use concept. With this data storage business model, a managed service storage provider handles aspects of bulk data storage such as security, data integrity, and cost of hardware. The managed service provider focuses on optimising a business’ storage requirements and costs, monitors the status of the storage network and ensures corporate data is protected with the latest storage hardware and software configurations. Your business can save on operating expenditure by letting a specialised data storage company deliver the data capacity and resources for performance while you only pay for the storage you need.

Uses and Benefits of STaaS

It is important for any business to have the right storage resources for its specific needs. This is especially pertinent if it is a larger enterprise or in the growth stage. Traditional storage networks based on the CAPEX model typically face challenges in balancing the requirement of rapid, on-demand changes in data capacity versus the costs and time required to meet these business needs. If the growth demand for data storage space is not met, it can impact business performance, growth and create instability in terms of capacity demands and storage resources.

STaaS served many corporate purposes, such as transferring large amounts of data and for archive storage. With STaaS, the storage capacity required by businesses for short and long term needs can be met within short notice. STaaS allows for data storage capacity to be expanded or shrunk as and when needed without businesses having to invest in upfront extra storage hardware like additional servers or wastage of capacity and hardware if requirements have reduced.

STaaS is a secured corporate data storage solution that simplifies the storage infrastructure of businesses. For many businesses, partnering with a data storage company offers a practical IT solution that is less complex and lower in cost than storing large amounts of data internally. STaaS also offers additional layers of security with its data storage solutions that may not be possible to achieve in-house.

STaaS for Businesses

STaaS is a sound way forward for smart data storage in a climate where there is increasing market demand for efficient and agile data storage solutions. The STaaS model requires businesses to engage a service provider for data storage space and technical knowledge, and this makes it good for small to medium sized businesses since there is no need for a large capital outlay or a team of IT professionals to implement and maintain the data storage system. STaaS is also highly recommended for enterprises not just to meet their complex storage needs, but also as a solution to keep long term records, reduce disaster recovery risks, and improve sustainable operations.

STaaS solutions are more affordable than in-house data storage, offer greater scalability than conventional storage mainframes, and come readily available as an on-premise pay-as-you-use storage and backup model. Other advantages include secure corporate data protection, ease of accessibility from any location or device with proper authorisation, increased collaboration and sharing within the business, all while meeting compliance requirements.

Choose A Reliable STaaS Partner

For businesses with complex or large storage demands, a trusted STaaS partner is key for secure and proficient data storage. Kronicles Asia’s suite of products, comprising kStore, kArchive, kBackup, offers a comprehensive platter of enterprise-class data storage solutions for businesses to select from based on their business needs. Our years of experience working closely with global leaders in the data management market enable us to provide targeted  solutions that support any data type, any protocol, and any location on a pay-per-use basis. With pay-as-you-go data storage models experiencing steady growth, we set our sights on putting forward smart and efficient solutions.

We aim to enable businesses to capitalise on speed and performance in a cost-effective manner. Our comprehensive and revolutionary range of modular data storage architecture means limitless capabilities to tailor solutions for your specific business storage needs. STaaS is more than just on-demand consumption. Kronicles Asia provides solutions such as kArchive for data protection, backups, and swift data recovery. With Kronicles’ kCompute, the solution also focuses on the integration of your business’ computing resources and storage requirements in a single, centrally managed platform.

Speak to us to get started with STaaS data storage solutions for your business today.